Seward Gray
December 22, 2014

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  Funeral Services were Private

Words of Remembrance

Seward Gray was a wonderful man, husband, father, grandfather, and brother. He meant a lot to all of us here today. He was always kind and generous to those fortunate enough to know him. Above all, he was a devoted family man who loved his wife Violet dearly. She meant the world to him. He selflessly dedicated his married life to making sure she was happy and taken care of. They truly loved one another and shared a wonderful life together. Their lives were filled with many happy memories, such as trips to Hawaii, Bermuda, and California. They have the salt and pepper shakers to prove it!

Growing up with four sisters in a small Sears and Roebuck house on a farm in Hudson, MA might not have been the easiest of times. But, as all loving families do, they made the best of it. As he and his sisters grew up and went their separate ways with families of their own, he enjoyed being able to keep in touch with them throughout the years.

He was a great father to Kevin, Glen, and Gary. They enjoyed many summer vacations up at beautiful Newfound Lake as a family. This past September, he was able to take a cruise to Canada with his son Glen. It was a trip he had wanted to take for many many years and we are happy he was able to finally experience it. Through his actions, he taught his children

n and grandchildren about being kind, patient, and loving to others.

Papa always opened his heart to anyone that wanted to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, or as he put it, “Good food cheap!” Every Sunday after church, papa and nana would cook a wonderful dinner for the family to enjoy. It was always a feast fit for royalty.

Papa had a great sense of humor. He had a few expressions that he would frequently say. When asked “How are you?” he would answer with either “Able to sit up and take nourishment” or “I’m sick, tired, rundown, overworked, and underpaid.” When asked about how his day was going, he would answer, “I wish I was born rich instead of handsome.” He would reply with “Whoopee!” to both things he liked and disliked. It was up to us to decide if he was being sarcastic.

Papa was always a down-to-earth, hardworking man. He was a humble person, never showy or extravagant. He appreciated everyone and everything he had in his life. He had a very generous heart and was always more than willing to help others in any way he could.

Seward will be very much loved and missed in the minds and hearts of those who were close to him. We will always love and remember you papa. Thank you for being you. At least we can take comfort in knowing you led a long and fulfilling life full of joy and that you are now reunited with your wife, together forever. Rest in peace.

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